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One teenager has been arrested and another left injured after a fight in Kelvingrove Park. (STV News)
A programme offering support to patients trapped in a cycle of violence is being expanded. (STV News)
More than 2000 people are dying every year in Scotland from smoking-related heart disease, according to a charity. (STV News)
Hollywood movie producer Harvey Weinstein has been indicted on rape and criminal sex act charges. (ITV News)
And Oliver Burke scored the only goal of the game as Scotland under-21s pulled off a shock win over France. (BBC Sport)
Today's Main Stories
STV weather presenter Sean Batty says: “A grey misty start to the day for much of the country with some outbreaks of drizzle.

“It will slowly brighten up across the north and west, then later central areas.

“Feeling warm and rather humid in the afternoon sunny spells, with highs in the low 20s.

“Staying cool on the east coast where cloud and haar lingers.”
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Football leagues across the United Kingdom have been urged to stop using single-use plastics.

A House of Commons committee has written to the chairmen of the English, Welsh, Scottish and Northern Irish football leagues in a bid to encourage them to follow the Premier League.

England's top tier pledged in April that it would be introducing a series of measures to phase out single-use plastics in its operations and supply chains over the next two years.

Labour MP Mary Creagh, who chairs the Environmental Audit Committee, called on the chairmen to "mobilise the power of sport" and make the move away from single-use plastics a reality.

Ms Creagh also asked whether each league had considered introducing a bottle return scheme.

She added: "Plastic litter ruins our streets, chokes our seas and endangers wildlife. We all need to do our bit to tackle the scourge of plastic pollution.

"There is a huge opportunity for sports organisations to reduce the use of throwaway plastic at matches and encourage fans to reduce, reuse and recycle. I want the UK's football leagues to show leadership on this issue."
  Did you know?  
Did you know
If it is your birthday today you celebrate it with Colin Farrell who turns 42 today.

Also celebrating their birthdays are Jane the Virgin star Yael Grobglas who turns 34 and Fall Out Boy drummer Andy Hurley who turns 38.

Meanwhile on this day in 1927, the last Ford Model T rolled off the assembly line after a production run of 15,007,003 vehicles.

And on May 31, 1911, the Titanic was launched in Belfast, Northern Ireland.


Pictures showing London in the 1930s to the 1950s have been unearthed in a family’s attic. (BBC News)

A trophy hunter who shot dead a buffalo in South Africa was himself killed when a second beast from the herd charged at him. (The Times)

Roseanne Barr blamed her racist rant on sleeping pills. (ABC News)

Kim Kardashian is meeting with Jared Kushner and President Trump to discuss prison reform. (Vanity Fair)
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Pic of the Day
Paddington Bear poses in front of St Paul's Cathedral in London, to mark the release of Michael Bond's final book, Paddington at St Paul's.
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One last thing
A cat that once ate an entire cheesecake is among three Scottish contenders in a pet slimming competition.

Chester, from Dunbar, East Lothian, who is 52% over his ideal body weight at 7.6kg (1st 3lb).
He needs to lose 2.6kg (6lb) to reach his ideal weight.
Owner Lisa Gilmour said: "We realised everyone in the house was feeding him without knowing he'd already being fed, so he was getting fed by all four of us every day.
"We've tried to help him lose weight, even putting a collar on him that says, 'Do not feed me!' for the neighbours, but that hasn't worked.
"He eats whatever he can find, including crisps left on the floor by the kids. He even stole my dad's cheesecake that was on the kitchen counter."

PDSA vet Olivia Anderson-Nathan said: "Pet obesity is an epidemic that is seriously impacting the lives of millions of pets across the country. As with humans, carrying excess weight has serious health implications for our four-legged friends.

"It increases the chances of life-limiting and life-threatening conditions such as arthritis, diabetes and heart diseases.

"With the help of PDSA and Pet Fit Club, these pets and their owners are making the necessary diet, exercise and lifestyle changes to get down to healthier weights. We will support them every step of the way over the next six months to ensure they succeed."
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